The highlights of Shincheonji Revelation Seminar – 3 key points

  1. The Secret of Revelation will be revealed?

‘The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down to the earth. A third of the earth was burned up…’

Although this verse is typically shown in disaster movie scenes, it is the content of Revelation chapter 8 verse 7.

Non-believers usually ask why content like this is in the Bible, however, believers also pose the same question. So out of curiousity, they ask things to their pastors – but most pastors only answer with ‘just don’t doubt’, or give alerts about other ‘cults’. Even interpretations vary denomination by denomination, and theologians studying the Bible only give ambiguous answers.

However, at this Shincheonji Revelation Seminar, they are planning to break down Chapters 1 to 22 with only 21 lectures, gathering the attention of pastors and theological students everywhere.

So far, the Revelation Chapter 1 class was like a hot pack in cold weather for believers who have been curious about the Bible at least once.

There was a deacon crying and saying ‘Finally, I realized the Bible’, and the atmosphere was warmed by a young man saying ‘I will check again at home as my heart has become more passionate’. Moments like these are not seen easily in any church.

2. Delivered on YouTube Live with multilingual translation all over the world.

One of the purposes of this Revelation class is to be spread all around the world. The seminar class will be continued from chapter 1 to 22, and uploaded to YouTube with translations every Monday and Thursday until the end of December this year.

According to Wikipedia, 84 percent of the world’s population are religious people. It shows that human life and religion intertwine deeply. This powerful wind that started from Oct 18th travels all over the world, and it will be greater than anything you could imagine. Already, we have heard that pastors from a certain country held out their hands to make an MOU contract with Shincheonji. Frankly, it is of greater gain for the people who take the opportunity to learn earlier.

3. Promised Pastor’s impressive history

Although he introduced himself as a rural farmer, where he has been is not ordinary. Having been around the earth 31 times from 2012 to 2019, he has met with former and current presidents of nations, ministers of various ministries, leaders, editors, and religious people. Shincheonji’s representative, Man Hee Lee has emphasised one thing – that We Are One! Let us set ourselves aside, and become united!

As he was a veteran of the 6.25 Korean war, he knows the dreadfulness and sadness of such a conflict. He said that we should leave a heritage of peace for the future generation. His powerful voice leads what we should do in our era, and the mission is vivid and clear to our ears.

One thought on “The highlights of Shincheonji Revelation Seminar – 3 key points

  1. This news is a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji is explaining the book of Revelation without cost through online seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people via YouTube. This is the hand of God helping us in these tough times!❤️


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